Importance of Breakfast for Healthy Life

‘Breakfast like a king lunch like a lord and dine like a pauper’. Above is English talking about breakfast’s importance. We can simply realize the need for a healthy breakfast dish in our life. How many people follow this rule in their everyday life? Many kids and adults have no time to have their breakfast properly or they will not get chance to enjoy their healthy breakfast foods.

Benefits of Healthiest Breakfasts:

The very important food of one day is one’s breakfast. Breakfast is a fasting breaker of a long night. Hence that name. Breakfasts should be nutritious and they have their own healthy functions. It enhances smartness, brain development, growth activeness, memory power etc… of children as well as adults. It depends on the nutrients present in their breakfast meals. They got all the energy for the day to day activities from the breakfast food recipes.
The junk foods will lead to the lifestyle diseases and they are extra rich with fat and other contents. They cannot become substitutes for the healthy nutritious breakfast options. Unfortunately, many people opt for these junk or waste foods for their breakfast table.

The changing breakfast habits mainly influence the kids and women. The poor children cannot take their breakfast properly due to their busy schedule. They are very busy with their tuition, special classes etc. If a woman is working, she should complete her household tasks before her office time. So they will face more bad effects of bad breakfast habits in today’s life. Researches prove that people who lose their breakfast foods will easily be attacked by diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.
People avoid breakfast mainly due to 2 reasons. First one is, as said above, because of lack of time. The second category gives up their breakfast to become ‘slim beauties’! It is a fact that many famous personalities are facing problems due to this reason. This habit causes the decline of their body health.

How to Choose Best Breakfast for Healthy Life Style:

My grandma always motivates us to have traditional breakfasts for getting a healthy routine. She says their generation enjoyed a good life without the new generation illness due to those nutritious breakfast recipes.

Some of them are following:

Idly with sambar
Dosa with tapioca masala
Puttu with chana masala
Nool puttu with green piece kuruma
Chappathy with egg curry
I think she is very correct. The above healthy breakfast options contain energy resources, vitamins, minerals and many needy things for our body. These all contain little fat. As Hippocrates said your food should be your medicine. I think you can understand the necessity of healthy breakfasts in our life. So breakfast like a king.