How Changing Food Habits Cause Cancer and Other Life Style Diseases

Today our food habits are not good. They are changing quickly and its bad influence leads to many lifestyle diseases even cancer in modern man. In this century man facing the huge problem of cancer and cancer-causing substances. In older days researchers blamed smoking for cancer. But today we can say with closed eyes that the main reason for that dangerous disease is changing food habits.

In our food culture, mainly 3 types of changes occurred.

  1. In an older day, we had only 2 or 3 common foods. But today condition changed. People consume various types of foods.
  2. Old people had their food for surviving their hunger. But today man having their food at all times.
  3. In older days people had the habit to use the homemade food.
But in this time majority of people like to go for their breakfast/lunch/dinner to the hotels and depend on the unhealthy hotel foods. People especially youth are interested in grilled or baked food items. They are searching for tasty food dishes, but all of them forget about what they achieve from these unhealthy food habits. They are not teased about the chemicals added to these foods.
Nowadays people selecting nonveg foods for meals. They are avoiding vegetarian recipes from their serving table. This habit affects the health of human being. But it is a fact that many people could understand the importance of vegetarian foods.
The red flesh is dangerous. It increases the amount of fat in our body. It causes cancer. Many people can’t have their food without fried flesh or fish. This adversely affects the health of the body. The changing cooking style is also a major reason for lifestyle diseases. Fast food culture is at its peak. Partially cooked and grilled dishes are unhealthy foods.
Another character of present people is that they cannot enjoy their food. People have little time for that. They eat their food during watching TV or reading newspaper. So they cannot analyze the amount of food they eat. It causes obesity and hence other lifestyle diseases by the addition of fat and more calories.
All houses have a refrigerator. So people can keep foods without decay. This keeping of cooked food extends up to one week. From there this old food comes on to the dining table often. It also invites cancer into our body indirectly.
Today there is no food without colors or preservatives. We added salt for salty taste and chilly for a spicy taste. But today our food contains many artificial colors or preservatives. The packed junk foods like nudils or snacks consist of many dangerous chemicals. They cause cancer. The agenomotto or MSG – the most dangerous ingredients of junk foods. Definitely, it makes the man a cancer patient.

How can We Withstand the Cancer and Life Style Diseases:

  • Go to traditional food habits.
  • Select better homemade ingredients for your foods.
  • Choose good food without artificial contents.
  • Decrease the number of nonvegetarian foods in your meal.
  • Avoid colorful food items.
  • Avoid fried foods.