Healthy Drinks for Healthful Lifestyle

Drinks are very helpful and essential for our healthy life. The proper amount of fluid content is necessary for the healthy body. 70% of our body is water which is situated in every cells, tissues, and organ. This water content is very essential for healthy body functioning and existence of life. Our body needs a good amount of fluid every day. The healthy drinks are useful for this healthy purpose. Many have the doubt that which is healthful fluid apart from pure water – tea, coffee, milk, juices or boiled water – which is best heal thy drink option. Here we can analyze some important healthful drinks both for adults and kids.

Importance of Healthy Drink Recipes in Modern Life:

As above said the fluid part is essential for healthy living. According to Rig – Veda “water is the basic factor which causes life’s existence. Water is the energy for nature.” The recent researches revealed that 1.5 to 2-liter water content is essential for healthy body. But one thing to remember is more water beyond need would make more work for our kidney. So drink pure water or healthy drinks for your need.

Healthful Drinks Option and Their Importance:

Generally, we can say that the most popular healthy beverages are
  • Milk
  • Fiber Juices
  • Green Tea
  • Water


Through further reading, you can find out the precious role of these common healthy fluids for maintaining smart life with complete health.

Milk – Beverage for Healthy Life:

Milk is one among the complete foods. Besides it, experts consider it as a healthy beverage. Both for adults and kids it provides health components for life. Milk as a healthy drink contains the following vitamins and minerals.
  • Vitamin – A, B2, Biotin
  • Minerals – Iodine, Molybdenum, Calcium.

All of you know that vitamin A is helpful for the health of our eyes. Vitamin A in milk helps us to healthy growth rate, blood cell production, tissue formation and also provides resistance power against infections. Vitamin B2 in milk is helpful to overcome many unhealthy conditions like burning tongue, cracking and red lips, etc… Biotin in milk helps to prevent hair loss. So, as a health providing drink, milk is a perfect option.
Like the vitamin content, milk is also rich with sufficient minerals calcium, iodine, molybdenum… Calcium content in milk products and milk offers us better bone building, good muscle functioning, and hormone regulation. The iodine is for healthy growth of thyroid gland and cell formation. Milk’s molybdenum component is essential for proper growth and development. Phosphate and calcium in milk provide a healthy skeletal system for you.

Green Tea – Proper Drink for Your Healthy Diet:

Many of us are loving tea for refreshment. Besides this refreshment purpose tea has many healthful purposes, especially green tea. So we will recommend the green tea as proper health drink to your routine. Tea contains ‘catechins’ – the chemical substance that saves the human body from various cancers – breast cancer, prostate cancer… It is better for ladies. Green tea decreases the amount of unhealthy cholesterol – LDL – and provides protection for your heart. Green tea is also helpful for brain development. It enhances memory. According to nutritional experts, green tea or leaf tea is better for old aged people. It is equivalent to a tonic for them.
Green tea as a healthy fluid contains a good amount of magnesium. It helps to a healthy growth of the body. It avoids laziness and tiredness also. Tea is helpful to get rid of infections, dysentery… So the world recognized the value of green tea as a health drink.

Healthy Fiber Juices – Better Drinks Overcome Modern Illness:

Fiber Contained juices are healthful and rich with different vitamins and minerals. Many natural fruits are fiber-rich. The healthy fiber contained fruits are orange, apples, berries, and banana. I think most recognized among them is orange.
Due to the fiber content in orange, it enhances the digestion. The orange juice helps to maintain the youthfulness. Pregnant ladies should drink the orange juice for a healthy, pretty baby. The juice’s components can refresh the cells. Nowadays we have unhealthy food habits. Some of those cannot avoid by us. But high fiber content drinks like orange juices overcome the unhealthy effects of the junk foods and provide a healthy set up to our body. So make a habit to drink orange juice for your healthful life.

Best Health Drink Option – Water:

As said above water is the major source of energy in nature. Nature providing everything to us for a better life. So water is the most precious natural health drink. We should maintain our body with 70% water. The main result of the development of the world is the absence of pure water. It badly affects our healthy life. Boiling of water will lead to the destruction of germs in it. But one thing should remember. You had better drinks cold boiled water. Tap water in many countries contains chlorine as a cleanser. But its presence will not make the water pure, but unhealthy. So use chlorine – less water. Depend on pure, chemical – less healthy water.…